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OBB creates beautiful gift baskets for corporate and personal customers, using the highest quality gourmet foods and speciality items
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The gift basket business is all about putting more smiles on more faces.


THE original basket boutique  (OBB) creates custom gifts with the highest quality gourmet foods and specialty items.  Loyal customers rely on OBB to craft something special for holidays and life events like birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, new babies, condolences and even the occasional “whoops, I’m sorry” gift.  Small businesses and large corporations appreciate their ability to work as a trusted team member by incorporating their own brand onto gifts for immediate recipient recognition. Their reputation for memorable gifts and authentic service keeps customers coming back.

And now there’s an opportunity for you to bring OBB to the UK.

But we recognize that one size doesn’t fit all.

You’re unique. And when it comes to selecting the level at which you’ll do business, you want to make a smart match with your individual circumstances and objectives. Perhaps you’re interested in developing a team of strategic partners within a certain region or even expanding OBB across the UK. Share your ideas and ambitions – we’re all ears. We do allow you to start part time! We’ll talk more about this with you as we prepare you to grant you a strategic partnership.

THE original basket boutique – Benefits for UK Strategic Partners:

  • Lifestyle that will feed your balanced family lifestyle, fulfulling your self employment quest.
  • You will control your success.
  • Use of registered trademark/logo
  • Detailed operations manual
  • Regional website
  • Marketing material
  • Start up Inventory
  • Participation in OBB initial training. Covering all creative elements, operations, to your day to day functions
  • Full-scale refresher training programs.
  • Business planning
  • Preferred vendor listing
  • Custom branded ribbon printing services
  • Electronic presence
  • “The OBB Insider” newsletter
  • THE original basket boutique online resource centre
  • Exclusive and ongoing support
  • Continuous marketing ideas updates
  • Access to THE original basket boutique convenience marketing programs
  • Internal referral infrastructure
  • Personal assistance in customer lead development
  • 24/7 resource centre


OBB is based out of your home or can be located in a commercial workshop location (not a retail store). This will depend upon what’s right for you and the requirements in your community. You can align this concept with an existing business. We’re flexible like that, just talk to us about your idea.


                 OBB wishes to appoint franchisees at local and national level for the UK – this is an outstanding opportunity to acquire a proven business concept, for a comparatively low initial investment.

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Click here if you would like to know more about this master franchise.