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A home-based professional service for businesses and individuals where there are unresolved conflicts
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Every year, hundreds of thousands of business and personal conflicts end up in the UK courts.  For many of these cases, the use of a mediator would be a real alternative.

Mediation offers the possibility of reaching an out of court settlement to the dispute, in a more straight forward, speedier, and normally more amicable way. In commercial disputes, these latter two points are very important if the two parties wish to work with each other in the future. If the dispute involves customers or suppliers, employees or shareholders, a protracted and acrimonious process will damage morale in the business and often profitability too.

The preparedness of parties who are in dispute to use mediation is growing year by year. In addition, there is an ever growing number of conflicts which can be settled by mediators without recourse to expensive litigation.

What is a Mediator?

A mediator is a facilitator who helps the parties in dispute to find a mutually acceptable solution. The mediator helps people to help themselves – under the expert guidance of the mediator, the parties concerned find their own solution to their dispute. In summary, a mediator

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  • is an impartial professional who assists the parties in finding a solution to their dispute
  • works with both parties through a structured process, which is designed to produce a solution
  • promotes meaningful communication between the parties
  • remains neutral – especially in situations where emotions are running high
  • ensures that there are no losers as a result of the conflict





Our Franchise System

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  • You work from home
  • You control your own diary – flexibility is a foundational aspect of the QM business model
  • You are not required to be linked to any legal firm.
  • You provide a service for both private and commercial customers.
  • You enjoy an attractive level of income – in our experience, if you secure one new client per week, and are involved in 10 hours of paid mediation work each week, you will earn more than would be the case in an equivalent full-time employed role.

We train and support you in all aspects of our business system.

Current Opportunities

Currently we have opportunities for both franchisees, and Regional Master Franchisees, in the UK.

Our Regional Master Franchisees are experienced mediators. They provide our franchisees with extensive marketing support, particularly for lead generation. They will share their experience with franchisees, and maintain ongoing contact to help them to build a successful business.

Investment for a Regional Master Franchisee (population area c. 15M):

  • Total investment: c.£100,000 plus £25,000 working capital
  • Master Franchise Fee: £85,000

Investment for a unit franchisee (population area c. 50.000):

  • Total investment: c.£ 40,000 plus £10,000 working capital
  • Franchise Fee : £17,500
  • Ongoing monthly management service fee: 10 % of net revenue
  • Monthly promotional levy: £500

If you  enjoy working with people, have good communication skills, and some relevant commercial background, this franchise could be for you!


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