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Card-based membership programme which gives members the best value hotel accommodation available anywhere.
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  • Hotel Express International was founded in the USA in 1987. Two years later Hotel Express was established in Europe, with a focus on the Scandinavian countries. During the nineties Hotel Express International was developed in the whole of Europe and other parts of the world.
  • In 1997 the owner of Hotel Express in Europe bought the worldwide rights for Hotel Express International from the USA, and moved the Head Office from Dallas, Texas to Kristiansand, Norway.
  • With around 9000 participating hotels in approximately 1600 cities in 120 countries and national offices covering 50 countries, Hotel Express is a world leader in its field. Hotel Express members receive a 50% discount off regular rates at participating hotels when they expect vacancies.
  • Hotel Express has undergone¬† major expansion in the last few years.


Our Products

1. Gold cards – Expensive personalized membership card valid for 1 year. Includes free personal reservation service when they travel overseas and printed hotel directory.¬† The main target group is frequent travellers and business men from normally small to medium sized companies- Quality service together with our quality product results in a high renewal percentage (around 65 – 90%, differs from country to country). This means that when you have sold a membership once, you will get a steady income for many years due to customer renewal. It’s therefore a very good long term business where your income will increase every year, as you build up your member database. This product could be sold by telemarketing, from hotels, personal visits, from information desks etc.

2. Silver cards. Our cheaper products which are normally valid for 1 year but does not include free reservation service or printed hotel directory. This product is designed for big deals of normally a minimum of 500 per order and it can`t be resold 1 by 1. Typical clients are banks, newspapers, car brands, telephone companies, insurance companies, travel clubs, timeshare organizations etc. These companies buy the HEI memberships to include it in an existing package to its clients or use it as a gift. They normally do not buy it for their staff.

3. Vouchers. Designed for one time use and could be used by companies who want to have a campaign for a new product or similar. Can also be used as gifts to clients you try to sell gold cards to. Big vouchers deals could lead to income, lots of free promotion and a database of people who register and try the product. One example of a client is 3M who used vouchers as a gift when they launched a new car product in Europe.


Click here if you would like to know more about this master franchise.