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Commercial and domestic gutter cleaning using a unique technology-based system.
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Prior to Gutter-Vac there was only one way to effectively clean
gutters, and that was slowly and laboriously by hand.
In 1995 Gutter-Vac invented the very first wet and dry vacuum
machine that could effectively vacuum clean leaves, mud, sludge
and water trapped in roof gutters.

Today the Gutter-Vac machinery is also used to vacuum clean
downpipes (downspouts), dryer vents, storm water sumps, rainwater
tanks, chimneys and much more.
The Gutter-Vac service system combines Gutter-Vac’s cleaning
equipment with a comprehensive and sophisticated operating
system. There is currently no directly competing systemized
service like Gutter-Vac in the world today.
The company has developed a business model that provides growth,
profitability and a leading market presence in an industry that is
looking for a structured and reliable service offering.

When Gutter-Vac launched its operations in the Australian market in
1995, there was no established gutter cleaning industry – there wasn’t
even a “gutter cleaning” category in the Yellow Pages. Gutter-Vac
had the difficult task of forging an industry in a market where seasons
are mild, height safety regulations are rigid and market awareness of
property maintenance is limited. Notwithstanding those obstacles,
Gutter-Vac has established a network of successful and profitable
Gutter-Vac’s slow growth in Australia over the past decade has
allowed the service system to evolve into the sophisticated offering
that is in place today. Slow growth in Australia was important while
the company developed its understanding of the franchise industry,
franchisee relations and franchise systems.
The viability of the franchise system has been proven by its network
of operationally successful franchisees and Gutter-Vac now intends
to capitalize on its core capabilities by expanding rapidly into new
markets. In 2012 the success of this plan was realized with the
conclusion of a Master Licensing deal between GVI and Cabinet
Essential Group (an Inc 500 franchisor based in Atlanta, Georgia).
For a franchise system to grow it needs to have a solid
concept, proven systems and an experienced franchise team
who understand the fundamentals of franchising and franchise
support. These growth requirements operate as effective entry
barriers for possible competitors.
The Gutter-Vac concept is sound, as demonstrated by the
success and size of our network. The Gutter-Vac team has
spent over a decade gaining franchising experience, refining
its systems and its concept. The brand is now ready to
leverage off this solid foundation and grow exponentially
both domestically and abroad.

Gutter-Vac wishes to award Master Franchises in the UK & Europe.

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