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Restaurant offering meals created by Michelin chefs for eat-in or take-away
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The ‘Boco’ offer is unique!


Customers can enjoy high-quality food served eat-in or take-away in a Parisian-style bistro.The average price of a 2 course meal with a drink, is just €15 – and the food is ready to eat in minutes.

Each recipe has been created by one of 15 renowned chefs and pastry cooks. Their creations use seasonal, organic or free-range ingredients. The dishes are served in traditional ‘Kilner style’ preserving jars (which are called Bocaux in French!)


Boco restaurants attract an ABC1 clientele, and are situated in the heart of  a city’s business district, as well as close to tourist areas. They also deliver to residential customers.

For the last 3 years, Boco has provided meals for rail customers using TGV trains – which has generated huge brand awareness.boco-3

Each restaurant serves occupies around 100 sq.m and serves between 150-300 covers daily,which generates €700K-2M in annual revenues; 70% of revenue is generated from eat-in customers, and the balance is take-away & delivery.


This business is very scalable – operating processes are very simple and don’t require highly qualified staff. There is no cooking on the premises, and so no extraction is required.The concept is designed to be  modular, and can be adapte for footprints as small as 50 sq.m or as large as 200 sq.m.

Boco is seeking partners who will either taken on the Master Franchise for a country, or will open several units. Typical investment is €180-300K per restaurant.

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