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A cafe where you only pay for the time you spend there - everything else is included!
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Anticafé works because it addresses 5 real needs of entrepreneurs and small business owners:

  1. A Starbucks environment, which also offers meeting facilities
  2. A personal and friendly place, where customers have access to WiFi and other services
  3. Somewhere that customers will not be lonely!
  4. Co-working opportunities, but with no ongoing commitment
  5. Superior to a library where internet is often slow, and silence rules!

«What I love about Anticafé is the fact that we share the same space
and, if you’re a bit curious, you can reach out to others and start
common projects»
Didier, organizer of playful parties

Anticafé provides a third place for freelancers and start-up businesses.

At an Anticafé, customers can enjoy:

  1. A welcoming atmosphere. Calm and cozy. Punchy visuals.
  2. Tasty, innovative and ecologically conscious food, and original beverages
  3. Diversity. Tolerance, humor and off-beat humor. Optimism. Energy.
  4. A friendly welcome. Customers are pampered; a culture of meeting and
    mutual help.


Interaction between customers is encouraged by:

  1. Anticafé spaces are welcoming and people are close to each  other and often share their table or their belongings
  2. Many events are designed to foster interaction and encounters with new people (slow-networking, co-learning, shared art evenings…)
  3. In traditional cafés, there are no real surprises: you meet entrepreneurs in
    co-working places and students at the university. By contrast, Anticafé
    gives you the opportunity to meet all kinds of people and facilitates ‘unlikely’ encounters!
  4. Anti-baristas are also facilitators
  5. Two experiments are being tested currently:
    i) Meeting points within cafés to enable people to
    gather (especially to talk)
    ii) A HUB (via the Twitter platform) to tag people who share space in the cafés.


The business model is based on customers paying for the time they spend in the café – and it works! With a growing number of locations (currently 7 in France and Italy), network awareness is growing and so too demand for the services provided by Anticafé.

Find out how you can own a single location, multi-locations or become the UK Master Franchisee, by following the link below.

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Click here if you would like to know more about this master franchise.