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An international casual dining concept featuring Italian-style 'crossover' cuisine.
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The 4 Cani World „home from home“.

Likeable. Unsophisticated. Communicative.

Pasticceria, Café, Bar, Restaurant



All the comforts of your home, in the unique Mediterranean atmosphere of the „CANI“, as it is affectionately called by our guests and friends.

We serve fresh Italian crossover cuisine. Start the day with an Italian coffee speciality and one of our magnificent breakfast options – freshly baked focaccia, small snacks, light dishes, sweet, spicy or classically Italian ; towards the middle of the day, try a light, freshly prepared lunch and in the evening, enjoy one of our signature dinner specialties. We offer a delicious range of Italian, Asian and Pacific dishes. Pasta, pizza, wok, fresh fruits, salads, fancy desserts. Fresh cuisine prepared ”just in time“  for you. This is „CANI FOOD“.

The doors of the 4 Cani are always open for you – as a meeting place, and somewhere to savour our healthy, quality menu options, served by our friendly staff. And you get all of this at price which will encourage you to visit the Cani regularly!

4 Cani would like to meet an experienced and successful restaurant operator, who appreciates its unique combination of attributes:

  • 2 decades of delivering outstanding breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • The menu has been designed for every part of the day, including breakfast
  • The menu comprises outstanding value-for-money dishes
  • 4 Cani is renowned for its consistently high standards of quality
  • It meets the growing demand for breakfast offerings that the branded pizza/pasta restaurant chains do not provide
  • The 4 Cani and Caffe e Pane is the only branded pizza/pasta concept which competes against coffee shops and sandwich chains and is able to supply customers’ demand for breakfast and fresh bakery goods.
  • 4 Cani and Caffe e Pane bridge this gap,by offering ‘Fresh Food Italian Style’ from the morning until late evening.
  • Competitive prices allow each 4 Cani restaurant to operate without the permanent pressure of using voucher and discounts, and still provide outstanding value-for-money offerings.
  • Formats from 40 to 400 square metres
  • 4 Cani works in a variety of location types such as high streets, shopping centres, airports, ‘character’ buildings, local neighbourhoods, and business districts.
  • Comparatively low capital expenditure.

4 Cani is for those who identify with the above, and would like to consider a Joint Venture approach to establishing a number of restaurants in a region of the UK.

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Click here if you would like to know more about this master franchise.